Since 2001 Exilion Technologies is in the business of research, development and professional services. We have extensive expertise in developing software for Financial, Entertainment, Telematics, Alternative currencies and other industries.

We are committed to making a positive contribution to our clients success by utilizing our impressive technological knowledge and unique software design ability.

Research & Development

Professional services

We are actively looking for innovations and exploring new ideas and new markets. Exilion is involved in research and development of several products for diverse markets ranging from financial and healthcare to mobile and telematics.

We offer local and remote professional software development services. Our clients benefit from a superior level of service, coupled with our extensive expertise in software development for many fields and industries. Our specialists have high work ethic standards and are trained to work with the latest software technologies.



  • Automated trading software for swaps lending market on alternative currency exchange
  • Statistical arbitrage stock analysis system
  • RFID-based vehicle location system
  • Telemetry solution for monitoring of cellular repeaters
  • Design and development of Market Making System for Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange
  • System architecture development for a social network start-up company
  • Technical architecture for a major Credit card company in North America
  • Software development of a vehicle location system for US Law enforcement Agencies

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